Novogloss TRIO

20 - High gloss surfaces such as automotive paint finish, polished metals and plastics
60° - Universal gloss measurement angle for all applications
85 - Matt surfaces such as automotive interiors, architectural paints and wood finishes
20°/60°/85° - Measure or calibrate all three angles simultanously
Resolution 0.1 GU
Repeatabilitly 0.1%
Reproduceabililty 0.5%
Battery Life 15,000 + readings
Languages EN, FR, D, NL, ESP, IT, TK, or CZ
Download your results to Novo-Soft for further analysis, reporting and storage.
Incorporates the latest in opto-electronic technology
Battery life of 15,000 readings
Lifetime guarantee on the light source
No complex manuals or menu structures
Ultra-bright display
USB interface to your PC
Supplied with a calibration tile with internal verification but calibration on any standard is also possible
Traceable calibration certificate is provided
Continuous Read Access gloss variations on a large surface in seconds.Flexible Calibration Calibrate on a standard that matches your sample for improved gloss control. Additional standards available from matt to mirror finish. Statistical Analysis Automatic calculation of batch statistics.

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